14ft flattie skiff Sunny – new free boat plans from Gavin Atkin in the making

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Sunny skiff – as usual, click on the thumbnail for a
larger and more useful image

We’ve worked hard this weekend, what with the shopping, the boat maintenance and the gardening. But in response to one or two requests, I did manage to find a few hours to start work drawing up a little 14ft skiff for those who find the Julie skiff too large and the 12ft Ella skiff too small.

Julie is my wife and Ella is my daughter, so this one’s named after my dear mother, Sunny – she was almost always known by this name, though the name on her birth certificate was the much more exotic Sunya.

Anyway, if you’re interested in a quick and simple stitch and glue flattie skiff in the style of the Ella and the Julie but at 14ft, keep your eyes on intheboatshed.net!

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One thought on “14ft flattie skiff Sunny – new free boat plans from Gavin Atkin in the making”

  1. i know very little about computer or website i am 65 years and a retaired cabinet maker because of leg problem . i would like to try building a john boat to fish in

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