Restored 1943 type K Montagu whaler, good condition, for sale in London

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Montagu whaler Vancouver is now sold

Dick Wynne is selling his 27ft 6in type K Montagu whaler. I’m sure it has been a painful decision and it’s a damn shame for all those who have enjoyed crewing her, but no doubt two traditional boats like this is too much for one man!

This could be the offer of a lifetime for someone. Here’s what he says about the boat:

Vancouver is an ex-Royal Navy ship’s boat built in 1943 and lovingly restored and maintained over many years regardless of expense.

Construction is mahogany and larch on oak, with gunwales, thwarts etc in solid teak. She is probably the finest example of the type in existence. Her equipment includes:

– five matching 15ft spruce Admiralty oars plus many spares

– full sailing rig – lug main, jib and mizzen

– 6hp Mariner outboard on a lifting quarter bracket, with lock, and separate fuel tank mounted in sternsheets

– two bilge pumps

– ample buoyancy

– 12 x 150N automatic XM lifejackets with recharging kits

– two paddles for tight spots

Admiralty pattern anchor

– mooring lines, fenders, full-length tent/cover

– nearly new four-wheel braked trailer with sealed hubs and brake flushing system

All her external paintwork was renewed in 2008, and all her exposed timber stripped of varnish and oiled (with Deks Olje #1 and #2) for ease of maintenance. Although of traditional timber construction, she is in superb condition and is easily maintained so. A faultless recent professional survey report is available to serious enquirers.

She is a robust, stable and versatile workhorse fully equipped for pulling, sailing and motoring in a variety of applications including raids, races, expeditions, pleasure trips under power, race/committee boat use, etc. She would make an excellent school or club boat.

Vancouver has plied the tidal Thames in London under oar and sail for the past few years, and is a regular in the annual Great River Race. She has been trailed farther afield to locations including the East Coast, Western Highlands, and Milford Haven, and attracts much attention wherever she goes. She is only reluctantly for sale as, rather improbably, she is my second boat and I can no longer find the time to do justice to two traditional wooden boats. She is currently lying afloat in London.’

For a pdf including more photos from last year click here, and for more on the boat and what he’s been doing with it, click here.

Also, if you’re curious about what his other boat might be, this photo and the knowledge that he’s a leading member of the Albert Strange Association will probably tell you all you need to know.

Complete with a full inventory including trailer, Dick is asking for £9,500 or offers. Call him on 07990 573160.

We don’t often see whalers, but for some photos of one I spotted in the Fal Estuary some time ago, click here.

7 thoughts on “Restored 1943 type K Montagu whaler, good condition, for sale in London”

  1. Anyone interested to see more whalers should consider a trip to Holland this summer. A good ten years ago the museum-wharf 't Kromhout ( – also home to the Kromhout naval diesel engines) in Amsterdam started to build whalers again, after a 1882 design by the chief engineer of the Royal Dutch Navy. Originally meant for Zr. Ms. Buffel, there are now 27 or 28 of them – depends on who you're asking – which are raced regularly in their own competition. :: look at the gallery ("gallerij") also!

    To get an impression, there is a short item on the "Kaagrace 2007" from the local television station, where Kromhout whalers, "Kuiken" sloops and international Gigs are competing, to be seen at (there will be another Kaagrace at Saturday 13 June, so keep watching the website if one's interested)

  2. I was astonished to come across this beautiful example of a Montagu Whaler up for sale as I've recently become extremely interested in them. If I had the facilities to have this boat I would be sorely tempted in buying it, so I would like to be kept informed of what becomes of this boat when it is eventually sold if this is possible. I have posted it to my Facebook where my friends involved in the "Havhingsten fra Glendalough" project can admire it!

  3. Thanks Glenn and others for your interest in Vancouver — although I say so myself she is a cracker. I have tried to find a way of keeping her employed, eg by a school or youth group, and might still consider it if an opportunity came along, but finding one if difficult!

  4. GREAT BOat-have had one since end of WWII-it came to Boston on a destroyer escort-fibre glassed-has a 11 HP Diesel engine-used about 100 hours.

    Walter Kerr

  5. Hello Dick

    We are a dealer here in Canada and have a customer looking for a trailer for his 27ft boat can you tell us more info on the trailer

    like the gross vehicle weight of the trailer and the model of the trailer so I can quote my customer on a similar trailer

    thanks so much

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