Ed’s boat for sale

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Thorne Luckhardt’s friend Ed is selling his boat to make room for another build.

He built Florence in 1996 to his own plans and says he was  inspired by Cape Cod catboats, but I think she also has a touch of the Hampton boat and of the two-masted Humber duster about her.

Wherever she comes from, she makes a pretty boat. Florence is 16ft long overall, with a beam of 6ft, and a 12in draft with the board up, and in snug, working boat fashion has 115sqft of sails. She’s built from 6mm okoume ply, white oak frames and keel, black locust centerboard logs, honduras mahogany with red merranti trim.

The cockpit is ten feet long with seats running full length, or it’s possible to remove the forward half of the seats and put the cuddy in place to create a dry area that provides somewhere to sleep.

Notice the photo in which the boat sails without anyone steering: Ed says Florence is the best sailing boat he’s built, for with both sails of her two-stick rig set, she will sail herself without lashing the tiller.

To see more, click here.

My thanks go to Duckworks Magazine for the tipoff.

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