David Thibodeau’s charming online collection of photos of kids and model boats

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These photos are samples from David Thibodeau’s charming Flickr collection of 19th and 20th century photos depicting mainly model boats and children.

He has assembled over 500 images including trade cards, postcards, photos, paintings, drawings, advertisements and pictures from old newspapers, books and magazines, so be warned – you could be in there for some time!

One thought on “David Thibodeau’s charming online collection of photos of kids and model boats”

  1. Morning Gavin. I sailed model yachts on Albert Park Lake, the present site of the Aussie GP.
    Up the narrow end where the piers are. The Model Yacht Club has been there since the 1870's if I remember rightly. My grandma bought me the first one and I built several myself, including a 7ft Topsail Schooner like this http://www.almadoepel.com.au/ from the builders drawings. At 7ft I could paddle the hull, so a canoe was next and so on. I still have the blueprints.

    Sailing at Albert Park goes back to the early days of the colony, and what became the Sea Scouts where I learnt to sail and row started life as The Ancient Mariners Society, built around a square riggers mast as a sail training facility for boys and later clad in a hexagonal building that I just remember in about 1952/3.

    Could not easily sorce pics this time Gavin, maybs in a few days.


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