Free Scandinavian-style skiff boatbuilding plans

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Mark Wallace’s elegant Black Skiff

Boatbuilding plans for the Black Skiff have been designed and made available for free by Mark Wallace – he says all he asks for is to be given the credit for designing the boat.

I think it’s an elegant design. The plans are not likely to be the easiest for first-time boatbuilders to follow, but it would be well worth picking the required skills up by reading one of the classic books on this kind of boatbuilding. See the Amazon bookshop for something suitable.

Mark ways she’s a strong light-weight boat loosely with strong links to Scandinavian types. She proven to be an excellent rower, has a capacity of four adults and has a flat bottom for easy beaching.

Go to Mark’s website for more information and plans in pdf format:

By the way, don’t miss Mark’s impressive collection of testimonials.

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2 thoughts on “Free Scandinavian-style skiff boatbuilding plans”

  1. A very elegant looking boat Gavin, I've passed on a link to the WB forum. She should sail well with a sprit setup or maybe balanced lug too. Maybe a little more rocker for my aesthetics but that may be just the angleof the photo. I have surfeit of boats to build at the moment, starting with two skin-on-frame Greenland Kayaks, and then finishing my Outred Elf. Then there are skiff plans given to me by a friend in the US.

    Course there's a new house to build too……….


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