skiff – photos of our model, and maybe yours too?

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The model’s parts all fitted, so far as I can tell at this scale,
which shows there are no serious mistakes here. The
glasses case isn’t essential…

Julie and I cannibalised the card from a pack of Lidl’s Soviet-style wheat bix (my favourite, for some reason), used Pritt glue to stick 55 per cent sized prints onto the material, cut the thing out and then assembled it in the traditional skiff fashion – attach bows, bend around central frame, attach stern, add bottom, attach everything else.

It only took a few minutes and yet again the magic worked – and a serviceable if rough model boat popped up in what seemed like a moment.

It was all very satisfying. All the parts went where they were supposed to, which at least proves I haven’t got any of the important components mixed up, and the darn thing looks the way most of us would expect a modern skiff to look – and no doubt it will perform like one too.

I think we’re set fair to finalise the plans for the stitch-and-glue/tack-and-tape version of this 15ft 6in flattie skiff in the next week or two. I’ll make them available for free from this website, and elsewhere. More traditional chine-log construction plans will follow, and after that, who knows? Perhaps a variation or two will suggest themselves…

If anyone else is following this progress and has built a model, we’d love to hear from you at, and to be able to add your photos to this post!

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One thought on “ skiff – photos of our model, and maybe yours too?”

  1. Gavin,

    Just a note to let you know I am in the early stages of a Julie Skiff build. I have almost completed my model and will send you a pic when I get it done. We have a good source for 1/4 inch Moreland Ultraply at $19 a sheet here. This is listed as having marine grade glue and has gotten some good press from a few sites on the web.

    I do have one question. I don't have a good source for thicker ply that is of the same quality. What is your thought on a lamination of two bottoms together using epoxy? I plan to use the boat in rivers and ponds that have a fair amount of deadwood and stumps. I doubt I will hole it with a small electric motor but durability is easier to build in than to add or repair later.

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