Boats of the Humber Estuary

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Humber dusters – click on the image for more

The Humber blobber – click on the image for more

The striking Paull shrimper – click on the image for more

Some intriguing gems this morning from Goole on the Web. I grew up on the southern side of the Humber Estuary, and I’m always interested in the bits of information about the area’s boats that occasionally come my way.

The Goole on the Web folks have put up a series of pages on each of several important boat types, including the Humber duster,  the blobber, the Paull shrimper and the Humber trawler, as well as the better known billyboy, Humber keel and Humber sloop.

I can’t begin to guess why some of them have such intriguingly unfamiliar names!

It seems the area also had crab boats borrowed from Cromer on the Norfolk coast, and of course its own packet boats.

If the Hull-type duster looks familiar, this might be the reason! I gather the maritime museum in Hull has an example of a duster, by the way, but can find no pictures on the web, which seems a shame – I think both the duster and blobber have potential as the basis of modern-day small cruising boats.

PS The musuem at Hull has interesting links to pages and pictures of the ancient Ferriby boats, the Hasholme boat, and the impressive and even older Brigg log boat.

PPS – I’ve just learned that the illustrations that Goole on the Web have put up are likely to be the work of George Holmes, which would make sense. I’ll add more later when I know more, but in the meantime here are some samples of his artistic work from the Albert Strange Association weblog.

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4 thoughts on “Boats of the Humber Estuary”

  1. That's very interesting! Would anyone want to buy it without an author to keep it up? And how do they know what it gets in advertising revenue? Is that just a scarily accurate estimate or do they really have access to Google's inner workings. We should be told, and perhaps Google should explain…


  2. A Paull shrimper?… OMG… I think I 'm in love. … Again!

    Someone should shut this blog down. Isn't there a law that forbids the distribution of this kind of porn?

  3. I'd prefer to live on a Blobber.. Home from home.

    That Goole site is great.

    There still the wreck of an old wooden fishing boat (Seiner?) on the south bank between New Holland and Barrow havn on the site where Gissing Yard used to be. Proud and forgotten


    (D you shouldn't count!)

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