Gareth Evans builds a Mallard at the Boat Building Academy

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I think Gareth’s probably the chap in the sensible hat

Finally, here’s more news of one more graduate of the Boat Building Academy at Lyme Regis – the fourth in a series about boats built by students while at the Academy, thanks to principal Yvonne Green

Gareth Evans’ working life had always been related to trees as a tree surgeon and forester, but the idea of boat building nagged at him for fourteen years. It wasn’t possible for him to take a year out of work until finally last year he joined the Academy and built a 12ft traditional clinker Mallard designed by Andrew Wolstenholme.

‘Gareth’s another of this year’s graduates who have gone into business in some way – he’s now renting workshop space in Exeter where he plans to use his knowledge of wood as a supplier, and his knowledge of boat building by building and restoring boats.’

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