Some ancient photos of famous old boats

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Tilikum at Margate, with Captain John Voss
standing at the bows. As usual click on the
images for much larger photographs

Fishing luggers sailing out of Mevagissey,

Falmouth quay punt

Lowestoft trawlers in a shot that looks more like a
painting than a photo

West Mersea smacks looking very handsome on a near run

I picked up a dusty old book the other day, and found it contained many photos of some well known old boats. Here are just a few. I must say I was particularly pleased to find the Tilikum shot, as it gives a clear impression of what the boat was like when Captain John Voss had her and sailed such enormous distances. Voss’s book The Venturesome Voyages of Captain Voss is a jolly read, as you’d expect from someone who became a professional adventurer – there are some copies at ABE Books. There’s a bit more on Voss’s voyage here, and thanks to the kind folks at the splendid Duckworks forum, I’ve just learned that Venturesome Voyages is also available online.

On other topics, there are various posts on luggers to read and others on Falmouth quay punts, and on fishing generally.

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3 thoughts on “Some ancient photos of famous old boats”

  1. Such great shot Gavin, just the sort I like! That's the best pic of Tilicum I've seen. I hadn't realised it had such a low rig. I bet she rolled badly in any sea. I note the Lowestoft trawlers seem to have their auxiliary engines going. It looks like there's a race of sorts going on. On the nearest Cornish lugger, do you think that is a woman in a dress standing aft looking astern?

    Thanks for the pics, the rig details are very clear and you can see where pleasure yacht rigs developed from. Of course many of the professional crews would have been drawn from these fishermen.


  2. Chris –

    Voss's book can be found in second-hand bookshops and is a good read. I'd lend you my copy if I could find the thing. Did you know she was rescued from some Essex marshes just a few years ago before being restored to her current condition?

    Jeff – Yes, it was very low, as befits a long low boat without much of a keel. He really did prove the value of his patent sea anchor, didn't he?


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