Home Built Boat Regatta meetings in September

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Some photos from earlier Home Build Boat Regatta Meetings

The Home Built Boat Regatta’s annual jamboree at the Cotswold Water Park is scheduled for the weekend of the 6thand 7th of September this year (2008), and a new meeting is planned for following weekend of the 13th and 14th September at the north end of Ullswater in the English Lake District.

Full details are at the HBBR’s snazzy new website. HBBR meetings over the last couple of years have been dogged by bad weather, but I hope for their sake that they’re about to strike meteorological gold – for they deserve it.

I happen to know that Watercraft Boatbuilding Competition winner Chris Perkins is to launch his new boat, Stangarra on the 6th Septemer, which should be well worth seeing. She’s built to Iain Oughtred’s new Stickleback canoe design. At the time of writing, varnishing is well under way. See Chris’s project.

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4 thoughts on “Home Built Boat Regatta meetings in September”

  1. Shouldn't think so the way my life runs. One weekend in September is taken up with a gig, one with my kids, and two with a week's hols in Cornwall and seeing my dad. Woomf – in one stroke, no time in September!


  2. I've thought about that. The thing is, of the two clubs I belong to, Bewl Valley Sailing Club is unlikely to find itself able to welcome such a diverse group as HBBR, and Hollowshore Cruising Club is at the end of a long and muddy (if picturesque) creek, and has no slip of its own. Some day…

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