My Bluestone schooner design in the spotlight

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It’s quite a few years since I drew the small two-masted Bluestone, but I’m delighted to see that she has turned up in a review of small schooner designs published by Paul Austin.

It’s great to know she hasn’t been forgotten. I drew her as my entry for a design competition run by the excellent Duckworks, and a certificate that still hangs on my wall reminds me that she won!

For those who prefer a simpler build, there’s also a set of drawings for a simpler multi-chine version of the hull.

To learn more about Bluestone, click here, and here


10 thoughts on “My Bluestone schooner design in the spotlight”

  1. Gavin: I didn’t find the simpler chine version of the original wonderful Bluestone. If the simpler hull plans are available on your website, could you send me a link. I’d like to review it again. Then you’ll get millions of orders and the Queen will ask you to design her a boat!
    Paul Austin

  2. Yes, Gavin, I would also like to have the simpler version plans. I have always thought Bluestone was a good looking boat with a simple rig. I remembered her and since I have been looking for a new boat to build I came looking for more info. Thanks for your help!

  3. is there someone who has built the boat?
    I’m thinking of building it, but I’m not sure..
    If someone has pictures please show.

      1. Hi Gavin,
        I am also interested in building the Bluestone. Your email address that is provided with the free plans on Duckworks is not working anymore. Do you have additional information on the construction of the Bluestone? I am a boatbuilder by trade so I can figure it out based on what you have provided. But I’d like to have as much information as possible. Can you provide an updated email address on Duckworks or here? Thanks! Ulrich

        1. I’ll write to you today, and I’m sorry you had trouble. Yes, that email address is long dead I’m afraid – it was a very public address in the early days of the Internet and got /very/ spammy, and so had to be abandoned.

          My Gmail account works a lot better!


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