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I’m officially on holiday, but here are some links to keep regular readers going!

Five Years in Siam From 1891 to 1896 by H Warington Smyth

Lowell’s Boat Shop, Amesbury, Massachusetts

A short but also long report from Brest 2008

Concern over ‘abandoned’ boat

Sunk Brits’ four-day raft storm hell

A History of Shipbuilding by Per Åkesson

Glimpses of Traditional Boatbuilding in Goa by Johan Roque

Elderly fella making very nice models

Whaleboat racing

3 thoughts on “News in my inbox”

  1. Not at present – I searched as best I could but could find no trace of any news photos or personal galleries showing a clinker built zulu-type yawl called Shaka. Is there anyone out there who can lead us to photographs of this interesting sounding boat?


  2. The Henley Whalers – – row and sail the same GRP American Beetle whaleboat as raced in the article linked to. Theirs is a very busy boat indeed, rowing weekly all year round, sailing frequently, and being trailed to events near and far.

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