The Swale – some more photographs

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Ripple on the Swale - if you're a PC user, left-mouse-click on the photo for a big photo, then right-mouse-click to make it your background image or wallpaper

Ripple on the Swale – click for computer wallpaper

Tonight, I’ve decided to share some relaxing views of the Swale – I spent today gardening and wishing I could have gone sailing. The first ‘Ripple of the Swale’ I offer as a computer screen wallpaper or background. The others are simply because they depict a favourite place…
Entrance to Oare Creek

Entrance to Oare Creek

Sunset over the Isle of Harty

Sunset over the Isle of Harty

One thought on “The Swale – some more photographs”

  1. Hi Gavin, Your pic of sunset over the Isle of Harty could be sunset over French Island in Westernport bay where I sail. Typical calm winters day, summer tends to be windier in the afternoons, but we get those glassy days in winter with a mauve mist over the water as the sun goes down. I'll see if I've got a suitable pic I can send you on file

    Like your little tidal 'home port' there's a few places on the bay like that too though not near me.


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