How to build a Greenland kayak

How to build a Greenland kayak
How to build a Greenland kayak

Instructions on how to build a skin-on-frame Greenland kayak. If you’re interested in these boats, the chap responsible, Wolfgang Brinck, has a busy website that’s well worth exploring, and also a weblog.

Here’s what he says about himself:

‘I build skin on frame boats and make paddles and teach other people how to build skin boats and make paddles. Skin on frame technology may seem like retro technology but in fact is the wave of the future. There’s no technique for building small boats that is faster and uses fewer materials than skin on frame. It is the boat building method of choice in a world of dwindling resources.’

3 thoughts on “How to build a Greenland kayak”

  1. Gavin, Absolutely fantastic site there, and right on time too. I'll be building 2 and leaving the half built S&G up in the rafters. I needed something light that SWMBO could lift and I can adjust the dimensions somewhat to fit in existing trailer for longer trips. The frame is a work of art itself, though I doubt whether mine will be!


  2. Have you tried using those plastic ties to bind the hull pieces instead of copper wires? I have heard that is a great time saver!

  3. I am getting ready to build a greenland kayak paddle. I would love your instructions to compare to research.

    Thank you!

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