Light Trow Onawind Blue celebrates her birthday in style

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Light Trow Onawind Blue armed to the teeth for a substantial open
boat cruise along the Spanish East Coast. Photo by Ben Crawshaw

From The Invisible Workshop:

Tuesday, 24 June 2008; Onawind Blue’s birthday

‘A fitting day to leave but despite my best intentions I didn’t get going until 11am, the family waving from the beach as OB, under full sail, bore off south southwest beneath grey skies in a light, easterly breeze.

‘Blessed with a favourable wind we ran quickly down to Tarragona and then, as the wind increased—almost certainly due to the un-forecast deep, dark clouds grumbling on the western horizon, even more quickly.

‘To windward the gunmetal waters were flecked with white… ‘

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Light Trow Onawind Blue

Onawind Blue moored – photo by Ben Crawshaw
from his second report

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