The Hudson folding boat floats!

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The Hudson folding boat floats

Hudson folding boat at Beale Park Thames Boat Show, photographed
by Chris Perkins

The amazing Hudson folding boat floats! I hadn’t realised it was in a condition to do so, but these folks look suitably relaxed and dry for a trip on the River Thames.

Many thanks to our kind friend Chris Perkins for the photograph, and for the news that Mr Hudson’s invention still works well! It’s an interesting shape for a tender too, don’t you think?

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3 thoughts on “The Hudson folding boat floats!”

  1. Gavin, The more I see of this craft the more I like it. Idiosyncratic is what I'd say, manages to look bigger afloat with 2 passengers than it does on the dry. Did Chris notice how rigid it is on the water, some foldboats undulate so much you can get seasick just watching! Any luck with drawings, or is it still under patent? Many thanks to Chris for the pix from me to.


  2. Jeff, Gavin

    It looked pretty solid to me, mind you the chop on the Beale Park pond isn't much of a challenge. The young lass acting as passenger seemed relaxed – I think if the boat felt as though it was about to refold she would have showed a little more concern.

    Pleased to have brightened your day a little!


  3. Jeff

    I've been in touch with the kind folks at the National Maritime Museum Cornwall. Sadly, they haven't got any construction plans – it's a pity, because I think they would have been intriguing.


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