An alternative folding boat

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Handy Andy folding boat plans

10ft folding dinghy plans at the Svenson free boat plans site

Attention boating enthusiasts – is this folding boat the half-forgotten answer to the eternal tender problem?

Tenders tend to be be a nuisance as we all know – the nasty rubber things cost a fortune, take ages to inflate, take up a lot of space on board and row like psychopathic milk jugs, and of course a solid tender is a can be a pain to tow.

So some people might like to consider this folding alternative, which I’ve just spotted. Plans can be downloaded at the Svenson website.

Follow this link for more free boat plans.

2 thoughts on “An alternative folding boat”

  1. I built this boat. rows and tracks very well.canvas doesn’t hold up so well compared to modern materials,tends to scrape easily as boat always rests on it.Has a narrow beam so I use a brace that extends about a foot either side,gives good leverage.Will make a mark 2 out of polycarbonate sheeting and modern synthetic canvas.I love this boat,performs well in lakes,rivers and the ocean.

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