1950s Motor Torpedo Boat P1041 Gay Archer in Watchet harbour

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MTB HMS Gay Archer in Watchet harbour

Motor Torpedo Boat HMS Gay Archer in Watchet harbour

Did you, dear reader, wonder what might be lurking below the harbour wall behind the Ancient Mariner monument in the last post?

These days Watchet harbour is a marina complete with a lock, and has become is a popular spot for local boating enthusiasts. It’s often a good place to spot interesting craft, and one of the regulars is the 1950 Motor Torpedo Boat P1041 named Gay Archer.

Read more about owner Paul Child’s project to restore MTB P1014 at the Friends of HMS Archer website, which also offers a film including reminiscences from veteran Navy personnel of the period.

I was intrigued by the unusual junk-rigged steel-built blue-water cruiser in the top left-hand of the photo – can anyone tell us about it? And what about the cute Dutch-looking small cruiser painted red? It think my partner would have liked to take her home…

6 thoughts on “1950s Motor Torpedo Boat P1041 Gay Archer in Watchet harbour”

  1. Impressive boat especially close up and a very enthuiestic owner and knowledgeable owner Who deserves some Lottery cash to make his dream come true and to save the Gay Archer for future generations to learn and appreciate what these brave men did during the 1939-45 World War

  2. Blue Water Cruiser – 'Roamer' owned by Bob Burns. Look for book 'Roamer around the World' written by the owner.

    Red Yacht- eith Mrs Mouse or Ester.

  3. Have just returned from a holiday in somerset and visited Watchet, thats always been a favourite place to visit, so was very surprised to see P1041 tied up in Watchet Harbour. Being a ww2 war baby this boat brought back memories especially as I had a brother in the RN. |It was lovely to see a ship in its original state and I hope and wish the owner all the best in getting this ship back in ‘tip top and Bristol fashon’ condition

  4. Visited P1041 today at Watchet harbour and was most impressed with the restoration of this rare torpedo boat. Credit must go to all those involved and we wish them much success in the future of this boat. 18-8-2013

  5. seeking the address of the restorer of the last E Boat. I have the story of the RAF Bedajufighter pilot who was on night patrol above Slapton Sands and attacked and blew upo one of the 3 E boats. If I can contact restorer he can have a copy of this story to go with the boat.
    can anyone help please?

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