Whatever happened to this large Mylne-designed gaff schooner?

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Large schooner designed by Mylne

Was she built, and is she still alive in the world somewhere? If you have
information on this or any other Mylne yacht, please let David Gray know!

As reported earlier, naval architect David Gray recently bought the historic Mylne company complete with a vast library of plans and drawings. As he and his colleagues go through the files I gather some real treasures are turning up – and some interesting mysteries.

So can anyone help with answer David’s question below? Who was the boatbuilder? And what was her story? Then as now, I’m sure yacht designers frequently sweated blood over plans that were never built, but if she was made real, she’s the kind of yacht that would be outstanding anywhere. Follow the link to see the Mylne website.


‘Please find attached the general arrangement drawing for the large gaff schooner we found yesterday. We are currently investigating to see if she still exists. Built for a Mr Lewis around 1912-1913, she’s 95ft over deck, 68ft waterline, 108ft spar length, 20ft beam and 11ft draft. If anyone has any information we would be pleased to hear from them.

‘Best regards

‘David Gray, Director
‘A Mylne & Co – Classic Yacht Design – Est 1896’

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