A pleasant trip to Whitstable and Faversham

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Smack, late afternoon at Hollowshore

A smack, in the late afternoon light at Hollowshore

We took ourselves to Whitstable and Oare Creek just outside Faversham today to see and meet some Morris dancing friends, to mooch around Whitstable and to check on our little boat. As usual, I couldn’t stay out of the second-hand bookshops, and among other things found a copy of The Last Stronghold of Sail by Hervey Benham – a book I’ve been hoping to find for a while. It’s splendid stuff!

We also stopped by at Macnade’s amazing Faversham delicatessen and foodstore, and vowed never to miss an opportunity to buy provisions there, particularly if we’re setting off for a trip.

To celebrate both a nice day out after some weeks of rather hard work, and buying Benham’s book about the bygone world of working smacks and barges , I thought I should post the photo above taken this afternoon – a typical shot of a smack apparently waiting to take its turn in the dry dock at Hollowshore.

One thought on “A pleasant trip to Whitstable and Faversham”

  1. Hi Gavin, as a matter of coincidence I've been looking (virtually) around Oare creek, Faversham and surrounds on the net. There are diverse sources from the local council website to photographers, to artists to a Time Team programme looking at bronze age settlements and industry. Even some WW2 aircraft crash locations. Didn't keep a record of the net the sites but they are easily found.

    Your diversity on this site is amazing and I wonder how you find the time. But keep it up please. I'n still finding pics of cruising yachts from the late 1800's in all sorts of odd places. The latest a batch of postcards posted in channel ports from 1902 to 1906 to an address in Melbourne. When I get time I'll post some, you look like you have plenty of mateerial at the present


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