London Whalers are back

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Rowing a Montague whaler on the London River, with a Thames barge in the background

Rowing on the river with the London Whalers. You can join them –
just follow the weblink below

Dick Wynne has written to say that his restored 1934 Montague whaler is being repainted and will be afloat again in two weeks or so.

Regular readers will recognise Dick from the Albert Strange Association – see the Blogroll to the right of this post. This time, he’s recruiting a group of people to her off the ground (so to speak) in London under oar and sail. She’ll be operating evenings and weekends, given enough interest, so if you’re in London and fancy a little old-fashioned rowing – mixed, no doubt, with some old-fashioned socialising – get in touch via the London Whalers website.

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