The strange story of Goering’s yacht and the fake Hitler diary

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Hermann Goering\'s yacht Carin II

Hermann Goering’s yacht Carin II

Read all about Hermann Goering’s splendid yacht, the Carin II at Wallyworld. It seems she survived the war virtually unscathed, and was requisitioned as a spoil of war by Field Marshal Montgomery who passed it on to our Royal Family who used it for their holidays for 15 years.

From this distance in time is seems to have been an rather unusual kind of Royal Yacht, but perhaps things seemed rather different 60-odd years ago.

The story of Carin II became even stranger – for she was later owned for a time by the journalist at the centre of the fake Hitler diaries scandal.

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8 thoughts on “The strange story of Goering’s yacht and the fake Hitler diary”

  1. Hmm, isn't there some dispute about this particular 'Goering's yacht' re her provenance? I seem to remember seeing pix of something bigger, or at least a different deckhouse. I know he had a sailing yacht, maybe he had several?


  2. From the translated reportage at the Wallyworld site there seems little doubt the boat belonged to Goering or that it was used by the Windsors for holiday making.

    Whether it actually could be called a Royal Yacht may be less obvious but if it was renamed first Prince Albert and then Prince Charles, the connection seems strong.

    But who knows? In the end most of us are just repeating stuff we've read elsewhere,

    And speaking of the things we read – there's a lot more material on the Wallyworld site now, and it's clear the old boat has a tremendous story to tell, even since the Hitler diary forger Heidmann had her.


  3. i have been on board carin or prince charles as i knew her she was a proper rn ship attached to thr rhine sq 1945 to 1958 used by the royal family as a holiday retreat she was looked after by the royal marine detachment that made up the sq about 300 strong with LCTs LCMs LCAs 12 ex german navy launches 1 submerine depot ship and a large tug the base at kreafelt was HMS ROYAL PRINCE we were there to transport the tanks and trucks accross the rine if the russians took out the bridges carin had a gold plated bath and was very well fitted she was returned to gorings daughter in 1960

  4. Hi Dave,

    I'd love to here more about your time on Carin II. What was her job as part of the RN Rhine Flotilla? Was she used for VIP receptions and stuff? Was she used by the SBS as part of their preparations for a Soviet Invasion?

    Best wishes

    Dr G H Bennett (

    Reader in History,

    University of Plymouth

  5. I knew this boat in Rhodes 1974-83. it was called Meteor and belonged to an ex ww2 Raaf pilot Derek something or other,

    1. Hi Shirley,
      I the salon there was a full length cabinet running fore and aft on the starboard side. The front of the cabinet was made up of four or five burl veneered doors, behind some of the doors were drawers, elsewhere simply shelves.

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