Sue and Michael Feather’s photos from last year’s Albert Strange Association rally

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Albert Strange Association rally 2007 Hardy

Hardy glows in the evening sun of the 2007 Albert
Strange Association annual rally

Sue and Michael Feather are old friends from my university days, and Mike and I are both enthusiastic traditional-style English fiddle players – so although we don’t run into each other too often, it’s fair to say we still have quite a lot in common.

So I’m very pleased to point to this page of their photos of the 2007 Albert Strange Association annual rally. Mike tells me that Sue takes most of the photos, by the way.

Among the boats in the photos is Sheila, which I originally took to be Adrian Hayter’s Sheila of Sheila in the Wind fame. In fact Hayter’s boat was Sheila II, and was last heard of ashore in New Zealand, as Dick Wynne points out in his comment (see below). He also says that one of the Charms shown in Sue and Mike’s photos is actually a sister ship of Sheila II.

Mike F has some remarks to make about these boats:

‘You have a link to the Albert Strange Association on your weblog, which has an article by a very good friend of ours, Jamie Clay, about the yacht Venture.

‘Jamie talks about the superb handling characteristics of these yawls under jib and mizzen in heavy weather. I have witnessed some very impressive seamanship of this type – for example the yawl Sheila entering Shotley Marina Lock in a force 5/6 under sail alone.’

Scary-but-impressive is what I’d call it!

And also from Sue and Michael’s site, check this page of photos showing a peregrine falcon scaring the hell out of a flock of godwits. Notice the characteristic pink colour of the grand old East Anglian house…

Don’t forget to call in at the Albert Strange Association’s excellent website.

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  1. I wuz there, mine's the little green one! Actually Hayter's boat SHEILA II is in NZ where she has been ashore for some 15 years or more awaiting repair after hitting rocks when she broke from her mooring. But in the Feather photos is the 'Richardson' CHARM, the boat with the yellow lifebuoy on the stern, which is a very close copy of SHEILA II from around 1920, by a Dublin builder.

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