More Bolger – this time on canoe yawls

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Bolger canoe yawl

Phil Bolger’s plywood canoe yawl

This fascinating article from the Phil Bolger describes a hard-chine deep-vee section water-ballasted canoe yawl and makes many references to Albert Strange, George Holmes, William Garden and W P Stevens. I think it’s vintage Bolger, full of his kind of explanatory logic. It’s a damn shame the drawings don’t seem to have ever been completed!

And of course it’s whetted my interest in a big way – what did Stevens’ Snickersnee look like?

Of course, many people interested in canoe yawls might also be attracted by John Welsford’s 6m Whaler. Although it could be argued that it comes from a different tradition, the Whaler has a canoe yawl-like two-stick rig and is now available with a cuddy from boatbuilders Simmons & Broome in the UK. See John’s 5m whaler page.

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