Two new friends

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Aboriginal whaling craft used in North-Western America

I’d like to quickly point to site put up by two friends I’ve never met. The first is Bob Holtzman’s weblog Indigenous Boats, which focuses on boats outside the Western tradition, a subject that interests many boating enthusiasts. Bob has been a great pal – he’s the man who first asked me to write Ultrasimple Boatbuilding and then guided its progress through to publication. I’m not sure that every author of such a complicated book ends up feeling friendly towards his editor, but we never had a serious disagreement and I’m glad to say that some of the most important ideas behind the book came from him.

East Coast Pilot

The second link goes to Dick Holness’ site East Coast Pilot, which centres around the book East Coast Pilot – Lowestoft to Ramsgate, of which he’s co-author with Garth Cooper and Colin Jarman. The big news at the moment is that the second edition is out now in time for the 2008 sailing season – but in this transition period make sure you order the new edition rather than the old one. The link I’ve given above is the right one, but Amazon still appears to have some stocks of the 2005 edition.

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