Fabulous shipwreck photos

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Abandoned tugs at the Staten Island ship graveyard

Abandoned tugs at the Staten Island ship graveyard. Click on the photo to go to the source

A few days ago David Nabors put up a post linking to a gallery of riveting photos of the Staten Island ship graveyard. Follow the link from his Neversealand weblog.

Looking at this striking collection, I was reminded of the wreck of the SS Montgomery near the mouth of our Medway Estuary. This is where we sail, and naturally, the thought that 1400 tons of high explosive could conceivably fire off and flatten the surrounding docks, towns and villages lends a certain edge to the atmosphere of the place.

For the official story on the Montgomery, click here. They say that after all this time, we should be pretty safe, and I hope they’re right. There’s a nice piece on it at the BBC Essex website, and some photos near the bottom of this page.

If you’re looking for fantasy and entertainment, this page has some scraps of rumour about why it was never made properly safe, and even a writer’s film script synopsis.

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