Another YouTube sample of vicarious sailing to gladden the heart

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Sailing a Friendship sloop across Muscongus Bay

Ted at the weblog Dovetails noticed that we’ve been presenting some boating clips from YouTube, and kindly sent us this one. The boat is a lovely Friendship sloop called Black Star, and the outing was a sail across Muscongus Bay with a brisk North-Westerly.

See it at Dovetails.

Friendship sloops are heavily built working boats developed towards the end of the 19th Century around the port of Friendship on Muscongus Bay on North America’s Eastern coast. They have impressive deep keels with a striking degree of drag, and equally impressive sailing rigs. To find out more go to the Friendship Sloop Society website.

Black Star is listed in the Society’s registry, and there’s a nice photo on the page listing boats 246 to 279.

Friendship sloop Black Star sail plan

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