19th Century painting of racing Thames barges

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Rounding the Lightship, Photomezzotype from a watercolour of a Thames barge racing match by Ernest Stuart

Rounding the Lightship, Photomezzotype from a watercolour of a Thames barge racing match by artist Ernest Stuart
Jeff Cole has sent me a scan of this sweet Photomezzotype of Rounding the Lightship, a water colour by the artist Ernest Stuart.

Ernest Stuart was a late 19th and early 20th century seascape and marine artist noted for his depictions of breaking waves. Apparently, this painting was exhibited between 1889 and 1915 at various noted galleries in the UK including the Royal Academy.

Jeff suggests this painting may have been from the same period as this painting on show at artnet by the same artist.

For more photos of the Thames follow this link. Don’t miss the shot of the older swim-headed type of Thames barge tucked away among Henry Taunt’s photos!

2 thoughts on “19th Century painting of racing Thames barges”

  1. Can anyone tell me more about Ernest Stuart. I have a painting by him called "One The Schedlt" and would like to find out more.

    Thank you

    Christine Taylor

  2. http://www.antique-fine-art.com/ernest-stuart-paghttp://web.artprice.com/ps/artitems.aspx?view=allhttp://www.antique-fine-art.com/ernest-stuart-highttp://www.antique-fine-art.com/ernest-stuart-sea

    G'day Christine, this is the best I can do from here, hard to find any personal details and some of these sites are auction houses and require you to register. Try the NMM, Cornwall and Grenwich, and maybe the Isle of Wight, there's a small museum gallery there I think.

    Cameras then were large unwieldly affairs with albumened glass plates as negs, and in rough weather sometimes an artist was used instead. The sketch was tranferred to steel or copper plates and engraved, or reproduced by photographic means. It may be that the bulk of Stuart's work was for this purpose as his style is that of an illustrator rather than formal artist as understood at the time. Best of luck,

    Jeff Cole

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