Dauntless 22 clinker-built sailing yacht for sale at Oare Creek

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Clinker built Dauntless 22 cruising sailing yacht for sale at Oare Creek

Clinker built Dauntless 22 cruising sailing yacht for sale at Oare Creek

Clinker-built Dauntless 22 cruising sailing yacht complete with original Stuart Turner engine for sale at Oare Creek

John Yates is selling his part-refitted Dauntless 22. A close neighbour to the berth where we keep our little boat on Oare Creek on the north coast of Kent, he has regretfully come to the conclusion that he hasn’t time to complete his restoration plans. The boat was built in the 1960s and is complete with its original Stuart Turner engine, steel centreplate and rudder.

I can’t find many references to the Dauntless make of sailing yachts on the Web, but my guess is that this one looks as if it was created by adding a a roomy cabin and spacious cockpit to a burdensome and beamy clinker-built working boat hull. With her steel centreplate, she’s also clearly built for the East Coast. Can someone please tell us more about these boats please? John’s phone number can be seen by clicking on the smaller image above.

One small success – Julie managed to track down the website of The Dauntless Association: http://www.dauntless-association.org.uk/. One of the first and best things on the site is a pdf of an original Dauntless catalogue.

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  1. hi. the boat is as built looking at the picture. that is how the this boat was constructed from new. built at the dautless yacht builders by sid latimer at benfleet creek essex. most came with a high peaking gunter fig and to each owners own spec as most were 19 to 20 feet. those of 22 feet are a little special gems. the boat is brill at low tide travel and sail like a dream. things to look out for is the join from cabin to hull as it is part of the strength and if gone, will cause problems as you will need to spring the hull to fix. but if you have a solid boat buy it. other to look for from a similar stable is the seaking. also from the thames. at leigh on sea.

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