Grand yacht photos from The Yachtsman of more 100 years ago

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Polaris and Tangerine

Solent one-design class yachts Polaris and Tangerine, photographed by West & Son, Southsea. The photo appeared in a supplement to The Yachtsman number 357, Feb 1898


Japonica, shot by the same photographers, presented in a supplement The Yachtsman number 562, January 1902


Mohawk photomezzotype by the London Stereoscopic Co, published in a supplement to The Yachtsman number 141, Dec 1893

Jeff Cole sent these grand old racing yacht images from Australia overnight. I’m afraid that Googling for these boats has not revealed much for me (I gather there are too many Solent one-designs to be sure about Polaris and Tangerine), but they’re great anyway. Just look at the detail you can see of the Mohawk: is that dinghy made from canvas-on-frame?

Mohawk may be the subject of a print that some online poster companies are selling: Mohawk print.

Thanks Jeff!

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4 thoughts on “Grand yacht photos from The Yachtsman of more 100 years ago”

  1. Wonderful clear photos! Anmy idea who the photographer was for any of these?

    I am particularly interested to any link at 'The Yachtsman'. Can Jeff look to see if he had any articles written by Henry J Grandison, a relative of mine?

    Can't wait!!

  2. I love to see these old photos and am compiling a book on a couple of old racing yachts. My problem is about using the old pics from the yachting journals of the 1890s. All photos by West of Southsea were bought by Beken of Cowes who own the copyright . Ownership for other photographers (where mentioned) in The Yachtsman and has proved fruitless. Does anyone know the current legal situation concerning using these old images? The National Maritime Museum has a great collection of The Yachtsman and Yachting World which anyone can photograph.

  3. I have a old hand bound book with photos from the Yachtman Supplement, like the ones above, from n0 630 May 1903, to 780 March 1906, 152 in total.
    I am missing no 685 May 1904 “Violetta” and no 762 November 1905 “End of season”. I would love to get them to complete the book any thoughts

  4. Hello my name is Alejo De Antoni from Argentina and i have a Solent one desing on sale. only the hull. the deck is not in it originals condition but the hull it is. If anyone is interested can contact me

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