Roach takes her first voyage after her restoration

Roach takes her first voyage after her restoration


A lot seems to have been happening over the past couple of weeks while I’ve been away. One of them has been Roach’s first voyage following her restoration. The author or Roach’s Adventures (see the blogroll column to the right of this post) reports as follows, and has posted some very nice photos:

‘I do believe it is true that yachts have personalities, and in the time that I have been working on Roach, specially afloat in the marina, we have started to consolidate our relationship. She is a tetchy little teenager that requires lots of attention – she wants good looks so that she can get a good looking boyfriend – and I am the one that has to provide the endless stream of pocket money that will pay for rather expensive top-brand make-up.

‘Roach has her tantrums, and I was on the receiving end of one in the marina earlier this week… ‘

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Read more about Roach’s first voyage here:

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