Bristol Channel pilot cutter and yacht Carlotta is being restored


Carlotta Carlotta

The Bristol Channel pilot cutter Carlotta was built in 1899 by William H Halford of Gloucester, England for the Cumberland Sea Fishery Committee for use in patrolling the fisheries in the Cumberland area. She was nevertheless built to the same scantlings, materials, design and layout as two pilot boats built previously by the Halford yard, St Bee’s and Brittannia.

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She was converted into a yacht in 1907, and from then on had an extraordinary history Click here to read more: including a spell when she was associated with the notorious 1920s financier Clarence Hatry, who was convicted to 14 years penal servitude for fraud. Later she became the property of Lord Gort, who apparently preferred living aboard to the comfort of his grand house.

Now, however, she’s undergoing an extensive restoration by the Mohan family of British Columbia, who are working with an eye to the original workboat of 1899. The website tells the Carlotta’s story very nicely and includes some intriguing photos.

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