The joy of small-boat sailing 95 years ago, by Jack London

Jack London

Jack London Jack London

Here’s a quote from a fiery, passionate piece Jack London wrote for the magazine Country Life in America in 1912:

‘Barring captains and mates of big ships, the small-boat sailor is the real sailor. He knows—he must know—how to make the wind carry his craft from one given point to another given point. He must know about tides and rips and eddies, bar and channel markings, and day and night signals; he must be wise in weather-lore; and he must be sympathetically familiar with the peculiar qualities of his boat which differentiate it from every other boat that was ever built and rigged. He must know how to gentle her about, as one instance of a myriad, and to fill her on the other tack without deadening her way or allowing her to fall off too far.’

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Jack London

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