The pilot gig at the Beale Park Boat Show launches on July 28th

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Underfall Underfall
Kind Win Cnoops of the Underfall Yard and the Slipway Collective has sent us some more shots of the gig Young Bristol being built – which I know will be a treat for many of you who first saw her at the Beale Park Boat Show. (See A pilot gig at the Beale Park Boat Show for earlier photos.)

Young Bristol is due to be launched during the Bristol Docks Regatta on Saturday July 28th at 10.30, if any of you can get down to the docks for the big event.

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Actually, it will be a big event for I gather the Irish famine ship Dunbrody is due to be there, as well as the newly finished Sail Training Ship Pelican, rigged by Underfall Yard-based rigger

Dennis Platten, and some smaller traditional vessels, including Danish ketch Tangaroa, the Looe lugger White Heather, the pilot cutters Mascotte and Olga and some classic yachts. There will be fireworks on Saturday, varous displays during the day, and the hoopla that usually surrounds these events including a French market.

Win says that the Whisp that was for sale at the Beale Park Boat Show hasn’t yet been snapped up, so for you potential boat buyers surfing the Internet, here’s a picture of one he and his colleagues built some time ago:


Here are a couple of shots of a splendid Jollyboat the Underfall folks also have on sale:

Underfall Underfall

Finally, here’s a shot of from an Underfall Yard barbecue including Mascotte and Olga:


The Slipway Co-operative

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One thought on “The pilot gig at the Beale Park Boat Show launches on July 28th”

  1. Hi Gavin,

    The gig was launched succesfully with full pump and circumstance: The High Sheriff Bob Durie was a main fundraiser for this gig so the lord mayor and city councillor were there as well, guard of honour of sea cadets, pipers, fanfare, etc, etc. She was named 'Young Bristol' by Bob's wife Jo, after the Trust which organizes activities for kids with difficult backgrounds, and for which the gig should play a role as well. She joins the gig 'Isambard', built not by us but by fellow boatbuilders at the Underfall yard 'RB Boatbuilding Ltd'.

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