A rare Uffa Fox Flying 10 at Beale Park

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Flying 10

Flying 10 Flying 10 Flying 10

Flying 10
Uffa Fox’s Flying 10

I’ve managed to recover my photos from the Beale Park Boat Show a few weeks ago, and to celebrate this small miracle I thought I’d show you these shots of a sweet little Flying 10 racing keelboat designed by Uffa Fox.

Curiously for such a rare and precious craft, there was nothing to say what it was and its history, and nothing at all to indicate who owned her of who had brought her to the show. It’s probably a blessing for the person concerned, for if I’d been able to find them, they would probably have been subjected to a blizzard of questions. Nevertheless, if anyone can add some more information I’d be very grateful to hear from them please!

The little boat’s dimensions are striking: length overall 14ft; beam 3ft 11in; draught 1ft 6in; waterline length 10ft. My guess is that he intended her as a teenager’s racer, but I fear the cost of making a keelboat like this would have been too high to create a large market, and so this sweet little boat remains a rarity.

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The web contains a lot of infomation about racing the Flying 15, but there isn’t very much about Fox’s other Flying series of keelboats, although there are a few words on the subject in the biography at the Uffa Fox website, which also sells the plans of a range of Fox’s keelboats including the F 10.

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3 thoughts on “A rare Uffa Fox Flying 10 at Beale Park”

  1. The West Lancs Yacht Club at Southport had a fleet of Flying 10s for racing on the Marine Lake there in the 1950's and 1960s.

  2. Just seen this on the web.

    Re your Photos of the Fling 10 BRIGAND

    I was the very proud owner of this boat' for 40 years.

    Was sold at auction some 10 years ago. Miss her a lot as we got in regular sailing down at Itchenor for most of her life. She still looks as good as I kept her. Knew Uffa Fox as my family lived in the IOWight.

    Have emailed Beale to see if there is a show next year when I hope to attend.

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