More pics of Chris Perkins’ Oughtred Macgregor canoe

Chris Perkins’ Macgregor

Chris Perkins’ Macgregor Chris Perkins’ Macgregor
Chris Perkins’ Macgregor; photos courtesy of Chris

The world has some very kind people in it, thankfully, and one of them is Chris Perkins, builder of the Iain Oughtred canoe featured by a few days ago.

The story goes like this. I accidentally lost almost all of the 480 photos I took at the recent Beale Park Boat Show after a backup failed to work properly, and so I appealed for some replacements – and Macgregor canoe builder Chris Perkins was kind enough to supply me with some of his. Naturally, I’m hugely grateful. Thanks Chris.

In the circumstances, I thought I should begin with some more shots of Chris’s handsome Macgregor sailing canoe, so here they are.

By the way, my attempts to recover the lost photos continues, – this week I’m planning to use some data recovery software on the camera datacard, which will be interesting. Wish me luck…

LATEST NEWS: Huzzah! With the help of a card reader and some very cool free software called PC Inspector Smart Recovery, I have successfully restored all my lost photos. Look out for cool photos for months to come!

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More pics of Chris Perkins’ Oughtred Macgregor canoe
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2 thoughts on “More pics of Chris Perkins’ Oughtred Macgregor canoe”

  1. Chris,
    It looks very serene out there… Have you tried it in a stronger wind yet?
    Congrats on the well deservd building prize.

  2. Jim,

    Thanks for the kind words, I was rather suprised at the result, but very gratifying non the less.

    I need to confess – 'twas not I at the helm but John Greenford of TTBS (you may have seen his canoe – Luing, mouth-watering!) who kindly volunteered to take Scotch Mist' out for her first sail allowing me to get a few shots of her. I am still struggling with the logic, which insists that, a sail that big is going to tip her over – daft I know. Learning to handle the boat is going to have to wait until I get back to Scotland and I can play off Achmelvich beach – warm water, shallow (i.e. I can stand up in it) and usually fairly sheltered (and not too much of an audience to witness my duckings)



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