Gorgeous Oughtred sailing canoe wins 2007 Watercraft boatbuilding prize

Scotch Mist

Scotch Mist Scotch Mist Scotch Mist
Built to Iain Oughtred’s Macgregor design, Scotch Mist was the winner of the 2007 Watercraft boat building competition

Scotch Mist’s builder Chris Perkins built his beautiful sailing canoe to Iain Oughtred’s Macgregor design in an attempt to create a boat he could launch and recover on his own.

The name came from a definition in the 1811 Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue that seems to have tickled Chris’s fancy:

Scotch Mist. A sober soaking rain; a Scotch mist will wet an Englishman to the skin.

Apart from anything else, it seems Chris felt sure that any boat with so little beam and such a large sail area would soak him on a regular basis. Whether it will do so remains to be seen, but my guess is that it’s very likely. However, the little boat has good-sized bouyancy tanks, so hopefully he won’t sail into too much danger.

Here are some bonus photos provided by the excellent Dick Wynne of the Albert Strange Association. (Check their new site at http://www.albertstrange.org/). Thanks Dick!

Scotch Mist Scotch Mist Scotch Mist

Scotch Mist; photos by Dick Wynne

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One thought on “Gorgeous Oughtred sailing canoe wins 2007 Watercraft boatbuilding prize”

  1. As a fellow Mac owner this is a stunning boat. Mine is over 12 years old, a veteran of 4 Goolwa (Sth Aust) WB shows and is used regularly for rowing, fly fishing, touring and sailing. Congratulations to the builder. I've found her to be a tough little boat, and I've even used her (Felicite) as a surf boat. Very quick but you have to be careful to back out of the breaking water.

    And yes, she's a bit tender. I'd advise plenty of capsise practice as 1 up she's quite difficult to re-board with the cockpit flooded. Good sailing

    Jeff Cole

    Melbourne. Australia

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