has a new paint job

The launch of the John Nash skiff Belem John Smith shallop detail

Softwing, a Truro river oyster dredger John Smith 400 Beth has had its new-style presentation for some days now, and I hope you are quickly getting used to the new three-column layout.

The idea behind the change was to make navigation easier – the old right-hand column was so long I was sure many readers never found it, and dividing its site navigation contents between two short columns on each side seems very much better.

I expect to tweak the design over the coming weeks, not least because I miss the airy, comforting quality of the old green and cream colour scheme. If I can work out how to use the style-sheet side of this new layout, I may go back to it while keeping the new three-column arrangement.

The thumbnail photos above link to some of our recent posts. In almost every case, the information and photos they present were sent in by people with a story or a viewpoint they wanted to share – but of course we need more.

So why not join the enthusiasts, experts and craftsmen and women who support or benefit from You might have restored an old boat or built a boat based on traditional methods or designs, perhaps you have an interesting boat to sell, or maybe you have some traditional boat or boatbuilding related knowledge to share?

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