A 400-year-old shallop built and sailed again

John Smith 400

John Smith 400 John Smith 400 John Smith 400

Photos by Michael Wootton

This curious and rather Dutch-looking spritsail-rigged craft is a recreation of the shallop, a boat from four centuries ago.

‘On June 2, 1608, Captain John Smith and fourteen English colonists set out from Jamestown in a 30-foot open boat or shallop to explore and map the Chesapeake Bay. Travelling over 1,700 miles in just over three months, Smith and his men witnessed the Chesapeake at its productive peak, with its incredible ecosystem intact and a multitude of American Indian cultures thriving along its shores. The observations and sketches made by Smith during his travels would form the basis for his remarkable 1612 map of the Bay, which served as the definitive rendering of the region for nearly a century.’

Smith’s voyage is being recreated as I write – read all about it here: http://www.johnsmith400.org

Thanks to Ed Bachmann for pointing this one out!

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