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Fireballs Romance Alert

Fireballs at the NMM; sailing on The Broads long ago; Will Stirling’s 18th century lugger is launched

There are always a lot of interesting side issues to distract and provide entertainment at, but the real focus must be on the boats, their history, and the work of building and restoration.

So I’d like to make an appeal to you readers to please tell us your stories about your boats.

If you’re an owner with a boat that is your pride and joy, if you’re a broker with an interesting boat on your books, if you’re about to refit or restore an interesting old boat, or if you’re a boatbuilder with a beautiful traditional or tradition-influenced boat to sell, or if you run a maritime museum or a related event, why not send us some photos and some words? The focus is on the boats of the British Isles, but we’re happy to look further afield in search of a good story, as regular readers will know.

It’s fun and free (no, we won’t come after you for money in return for publicising your stories), and it’s easy. I’m a professional writer and editor and will do whatever I can to make it as simple as possible. And if you have a site of your own you will become one of a growing group of people whose websites receive regular visits from people surfing to and from

So why not join the National Maritime Museum, boatbuilders Cutters & Luggers and boatbuilders and restorers Newson’s and start sending me your stories. In fact, why not get in contact tonight? I’m Gavin Atkin and you can reach me here:

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