A shed to swoon over


Boathouse Boathouse

Regular visitors will know that intheboatshed.net likes to celebrate sheds and the quality of shedness from time to time.

So here are some photos of a shed to swoon over – a boathouse belonging to friends of ours, guarded over by a group of goats.

Julie and I think it’s probably Edwardian, but whatever it is, it’s really rather special – as is the goat that guards it as his own.


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2 thoughts on “A shed to swoon over”

  1. You seem to have an amazing talent for bringing up childhood memories. I vividly remember my family taking shelter in a boathouse just like this on the Thames a couple of miles upstream of Wallingford, back in the 1950s. We were out in my grandparents double skiff for a picnic, and got caught in the most dramatic thunderstorm, so we slipped into the shed for the duration.

  2. As long as they're good ones Chris…

    I think this one would be ok to shelter in, but I wouldn't trust those landings – have you seen how slender they are at the waterline?


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