Newson’s builds a competition hydroplane

Hydroplane built at Newson’s

Not yet a classic exactly but part of a grand tradition, this is a hydroplane built by Newson’s for the 2007 OSY400 Hydroplane World Championships, which are to be held on Oulton Broad this year.

OSY400 is a hydroplane class in which the competing boats are powered by a standard Yamato 400cc engine – OSY stands for Outboard Stock Yamato. The little engines develop 33BHP, but the diminunitive plywood and FRP hulls are so well developed that the boats reach astonishing speeds of nearly 80MPH.

This particular boat was built by Newson’s for four-time Championship winner Craig Speller, who hopes to win the title for a fifth time this year.

For photos of the ply-on-frame build:

For the Broadly Boats news item:

For more on the OSY400 class:

OSY boats are tiny and spartan – they don’t even have seats, as the driver is expected to kneel. If you fancy building a simpler and less demanding toy for the summer, try these old designs:



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