Practical Boat Building for Amateurs – Chapter 5

For many readers, this chapter is the big one as it focuses on the celebrated Rob Roy canoe. Despite the authors’ efforts to boost the chapter’s contents, I’m not at all sure many people could confidently build a Rob Roy from these drawings and descriptions, but they’re certainly interesting.



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7 thoughts on “Practical Boat Building for Amateurs – Chapter 5”

  1. Thanks for showing our cover of A Thousand Miles in the Rob Roy Canoe, Gavin. You may be interested to know that we also are publishing an edition of Practical Boat Building and went to some effort to clean up the illustrations so they would be more readable, and did some minor editing of the text to make it more accessible for readers. We also published The Rob Roy on the Baltic this year which contains an appendix with MacGregor's description of the building of his newer Rob Roy by comparing it with the original version, and also includes MacGregor's drawings of the "parts."

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