Practical Boat Building for Amateurs

For more chapters from Practical Boat Building for Amateurs, click on this link:

I have an ancient copy of the second edition of Practical Boat Building for Amateurs, as written by D Neison and updated long ago by Dixon Kemp, and I’ve decided to entertain you all by putting up each chapter as a series of scans. The book covers the building of several kinds of boats in a variety of levels of detail, including a punt, the Rob Roy canoe and the Canadian bateau, all of which will be of interest to many people who haven’t got a copy of the book themselves.

Tonight we have the cover, the frontispiece and Chapter 1.

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Follow the following links for the rest of Practical Boat Building for Amateurs:

Cover, frontispiece and Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7

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5 thoughts on “Practical Boat Building for Amateurs”

  1. Thank's for going to the trouble of scanning all those pages in. Great book, am enjoying reading it at the moment. Espically liking the desining pages. These books are truley timeless for small wooden boat builders. Thank you

  2. Great Job, can you make a pdf file with all of the pages in order? I would do it but I have dial-up and it would take me years to download all the pages. I suggest for you to use openoffice; you can make a word document with each page being a file, then save it as a .pdf. Then everyone would be able to download the whole book at once.

  3. In many ways that's a good idea – but it's not so good in several others.

    One of the problems is my own bandwidth; another is that one of my objectives is to encourage people to be aware of all that has to offer rather than share links to specific downloads that would by-pass the whole thing.

    A compromise that might work could be to put each chapter in a pdf. I'll think about it.



  4. This is a great old book and leads to a lot more in the back. Thanks for posting it complete. I plan to build a sailboat in the future and until now have been stymied by commercial sites. Thanks again for freely sharing knowledge.


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