Paul Gartside’s 24ft cutter

Caber Feidh

Caber Feidh’s keel bolts being fitted

I love these photos of 24-foot cutter Caber Feidh in the process of being built:

Here’s what he told about it:

‘The boat I am building currently is the stock plan #98, as you suggest. It is being built for a customer and there will be some variations from the stock drawings. For instance we are going with a pole mast to simplify using the topsail and the bowsprit will hinge up to save on marina charges.

‘Its a nice boat, big and beamy with lots of room on deck and down below. It feels like a real little ship and I wish it were mine.’

I wish it were mine too!

There many very traditional-looking boats to see on Paul’s website, but also like many designers he’s also had a crack at creating the perfect beach cruiser, in his case a 16ft strip-planked creation with an elegant canoe stern and a sizeable rig – see his Design 115. Built in cedar it would be light and elegant.

Someday I should review all the ‘perfect’ beach cruisers I can find – I bet they’ll vary in quite significant ways, and provide a lot to think about.

For the main Paul Gartside site, click here:

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