How a moustache is made

Moustaches Moustaches Moustaches

Moustaches Moustaches Moustaches


Further to Mike Goodwin’s enquiry about moustaches of a few weeks ago, today we received this kind message from Michael Dawson of Trafalgar Marine Services.


‘We have been making some moustaches this morning. I have attached some photos that may help any budding fender makers out there.

‘Basically the core of the fender is four fat pieces of rope strapped together with two interlocked chains through the middle. You start off “knitting” the fender in the usual way a band around the middle (see the fourth picture) then working your way outwards in half hitch knots.

‘We make the fenders with shorter sections of rope that are welded on when needed (see the fifth picture). When the knitting is finished we bend the fender round and secure the two end chains with zip tie or rope (this gives you the shape). Two Turks Head knots are then added for decoration to the fender as decoration.

‘Reckon you’ll need some very large diameter rope if it’s for a tug boat. Forgot to say I love the picture of a “pudding” on your site, looks like the skipper has driven through a barn.

‘Hope that’s helped, Michael W H Dawson’

I’m delighted Michael has been so kind as to share his knowledge, but I’m also pleased he enjoyed the picture Mike G sent us – it was such a particularly pompous walrus ‘tache that it made me laugh on and off for 20 minutes. It may have the same effect on you:


See the Trafalgar Marine Services website for more on the company’s services:

4 thoughts on “How a moustache is made”

  1. Where was the pic taken? The tug looks a bit American. The battleship behind would provide an identification but it is too vague to see properly.

    I like the two guys in uniform captured in the act of hopping ashore.

  2. If memory serves me correct;

    The tug photo is from the lower harbor of Baltimore MD.

    And it is a heavy cruiser in the background.

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