Portsoy Festival 2007

Portsoy Festival

Portsoy Festival Portsoy FestivalPortsoy Festival

Portsoy Festival Portsoy Festival

Photos provided by the Scottish Traditional Boat Festival

Look closely at these shots – don’t you just want to be there?

Portsoy is clearly the place to be at the end of June, when the annual Scottish Traditional Boat Festival returns to town from Friday 29th to the 1st July. This year’s festival will also see the finale of the Moray Firth Flotilla 2007, in which up to 60 traditional boats are planned to sail around the coast from Wick to end their journey in Portsoy on the Friday.

The combination of these two major nautical events promises to deliver an array of unforgettable sights for visitors to the Scottish Traditional Boat Festival, who will see over 100 vessels including the fifies Swan, Isabella Fortuna, Reaper and White Wing.

Throughout the festival there will be a host of interesting and unusual craft demonstrators exhibiting their various unusual arts and crafts, from basket weavers and blacksmiths to story tellers and knot tiers.

The evenings and nights will be marked by a selection of ceilidhs and folk concerts.

For more information on the Scottish Traditional Boat Festival visit http://www.scottishtraditionalboatfestival.org.uk/ or call 01261 842951.

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