A 12ft boat in a car boot


Pacboat Packboat

This interesting and unusual little boat caught my eye at the Newson’s website. A label says it’s a 12-ft flat bottomed canoe, though I imagine our American cousins would call it a pirogue.

It’s not exactly traditional, but it has been around for quite a while: an old licence plate suggests it was last used on the Thames in 1962. Now cleaned up and re-varnished its ready to be used again.

Can anyone say whether the builders are still around, and has anyone else got anything like it?

See the Packboat at Newson’s website here; also, while you’re there take a peek at the Maurice Griffiths Golden Hind they’ve begun to offer after buying the moulds last year here.

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One thought on “A 12ft boat in a car boot”

  1. I also have a packboat. The 2 piece 8ft version. I researched this type of boat many years ago.

    Contact me on the address above.


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