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Tonight, I thought I should take a cue from Chine bLog and others, and write a little about some of the other weblogs that I link to in one of the panels on the right-hand side of intheboatshed.net.

I’m going to do this partly out of politeness, as some of them have kindly linked to these pages, and I’m always grateful for any help I get in preventing my weblog sink into WWW anonymity. More than that, however, I’m hoping to show you some material of genuine interest out there.

The Invisible Workshop

The Invisible Workshop is a great favourite at the moment, not least because author Ben Crawshaw has done me the great honour of building one of my small boat designs. He’s also a gifted writer and photographer – his posts are entertaining and informative, peopled with characters with extraordinary names and illustrated with some nice often very textured photos. If you’d like to have a whiff of the sea around your computer, I suggest you do as I do, and use them as backgrounds for your computer’s desktop (it may be a right-click function if you’re using a PC, by the way). You won’t get bored, as something new turns up at the Workshop every few days.

Chine bLog has a very different feel: short posts that express the author’s huge enthusiasm and include links to a wide variety of topics he’s passionate about. Its author Tim Shaw has also been extravagant in his praise for intheboatshed.net, and he has certainly helped to encourage me to keep writing something each night. It’s so good to know you have readers!

I have great hopes of the Ierne and Truant, two Fife yachts currently being restored back to racing and cruising glory by the Classic Sailing Club. This weblog has all the potential to be fascinating and glorious, but as I write there isn’t much more than two tantalising photos, and some introductory written material. I’ll be looking out for developments.

Finally for tonight, take a peek at a gorgeous piece of handmade speedboat at SeaNova – Adventures in Boatbuilding. This fella has put together a truly wonderful project, and it’s amazing that it seems to be his first. I don’t just take my hat off to him, but raise it about three feet! A small word to the wise, however: when you follow the link, go to the archives links to navigate your way around.

That’s enough for this evening I think! I’ll look at some of the other Blogroll links to weblogs another night. If you know of a weblog you’d like to see listed here, please email me at gmatkin@gmail.com .

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