Prawner project Three Brothers gains some history

Three Brothers

Three Brothers

Some important historical information has emerged regarding a Morecambe Bay prawner or Nobby now being restored at Newson’s, the Three Brothers. Apparently it was named after owner and skipper David Willacy’s three sons. David’s grandson Keith who passed the information on to Newson’s, along with the original specification.

The brothers are pictured at Newson’s website, together with several other old photos and more recent shots of the boat in its condition before restoration began. I gather work should be starting on the boat about now.

Like many people I rather admire the prawners; the low decks and handsome round sterns that made them suitable for prawning make them very elegant, and they seem to be pretty good performers.

Looking around, there are a few links worth looking at:

The Fleetwood Museum has this gallery and this jolly exploration sequence. Isn’t it a shame that essentially educational organisations seem to feel that the pictures they put up have to be so small that you can see few if any details?


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